Land Sailing, the fastest growing sport in the world.


S.A.I.L.S is a group of enthusiastic land-yacht sailors that has relinquished any affiliation with other like clubs that are steeped in red-tape, in-faction fighting and have lost sight of the enjoyment and social factors that this sport provides.

Throughout the world there are hundreds of people sailing land-yachts on dry lakes, beaches and  across deserts. In fact,  just about anywhere the wind is blowing and the ground is firm enough to sail on. The sport is non-sexist and can be enjoyed by all age groups.  South Australia offers some ideal places to launch your yacht and enjoy the thrill of this sport. So if you like to travel and  enjoy the thrill of speed or even the sometimes slow leisurely pace in light wind sailing this is the sport for you.

Like every other sporting interest there is always an outlay to get started. The current costs of a new land-yacht is about $AUD5000. From time to time second- hand ones may become available and can be purchased for around just over half the cost of a new yacht. But don't hold your breath! Once started, people don't easily give up this sport.  Whilst the " Magic"  is the standard yacht used by many, there are variances to the class you can have built or acquire. There are even 2 seated models, that provide great fun for taking friends out for a spin or using solo. Whether foot or hand steered models they are great fun to sail, without the normal risks that abound in the ocean

 There are safety requirements to comply with. Land-yachts must be fitted with  a safety belt, eye protection should also be considered, and the use of an approved safety helmet is mandatory. Finally ensure you wear appropriate footwear! Thongs or sandals are not acceptable

 There are several new varieties of land-yachts becoming available within Australia and we can help you chose one appropriate to your needs.

Come along and  chat to us about the sport by  contact the S.A.I.L.S. group via the email on this page. We will tell you when the season commences and where to find us. We will be moving around to different venues from time to time to make the sport more of a holiday adventure rather than a routine

Once you decide that this sport is for you, then all you have to do is join the group  and purchase a yacht.