CLASS 3 One of the larger popular land yachts, measuring 3.5meters in width and 3.8 Meters in length. This yacht is capable of reaching speeds up to 70Mph or approximately 130 Kph    There are only a few of these yachts in Australia, sailed by those who are either fanatics or just collectors. It would be nice to see an incease in the numbers of these boats being built and sailed.  USA, Britain, Europe and New Zealand have quite a few of these "Rolls Royce" of the land yacht collection.
  CLASS 5 Europe Britain and United States and Canada. This yacht measures 2.25 meters in length and 2 .0 meters in width and has a sail area of 5 square meters. Although some of the overseas yachts have increased their sail area to 5.5 meters. There are also two wheel sizes used on these vehicles. 22" BMX style wheels with aluminum coverings to add strength and a safety factor to the wheel itself. Wheelbarrow size wheels are also very commonly used. Increased size of wheels( 22" BMX)  does not  necessarily provide an advantage over the smaller wheelbarrow wheels. Many races have been won against the larger wheeled vehicle by yachts using the smaller wider wheels. Riding surface plays a large part in the selection of wheels. The Class 5 breaks down easily to a very compact package and can be transported on a roof rack or on a  small trailer for a more  convenient lift on and off.Class 5 is a much more commonly sailed yacht in Australia and is also popular right across Europe  
  There are a variety of leisure/pleasure yachts that are also built bought and sailed that are smaller and very compact that they will pack into a suitcase or the trunk (boot) of a standard motor vehicle. There are several versions of a 2 seater model that allows the rider to share the thrill with a friend or family member. They are very good for teaching new recruits  the rudiments of land sailing. They can be sailed solo after you have had some instruction, but generally they are designed to carry a passenger to evenly distribute the weight and to have fun together.
  Blowkarts, are a newer addition to the land-yacht collection. they are lightweight, extremely portable and will gain a lot of support by youths as well as some adults that are unsure of their ability to sail a land-yacht. They have attracted a class 8 category to provide some inclusions in land yacht club meets and to have them accepted into the Federation. They have a wide following in Britain, New Zealand (origin) and will be encouraged to be part of this club. There are a few glitches to iron out with the South Australian requirement of vehicle registration (as for all land yachts) and the promotion of wearing protective clothing as is required for any land yacht in South Australia.  The registration whilst another revenue raiser for the Government, does provide 3rd party insurance in the event of damage being sustained by a spectator or their property.

One of our members Bruce Clark will be very happy to discuss how easy it is to sail or acquire one of these very manageable vehicles. All enquiries should be made via our email address to arrange an appointment to try out. You can consult our sailing timetable to select a time when we will be attending the beach. But contact us before turning up so we know to expect you and can provide you with the indemnity forms.

Parakarts or Kite Buggies are also becoming very popular, however there is a lot of resistance by some councils to allow them to be used on the beaches in Australia. They are propelled by various sized parachutes, depending on the skill of the pilot or the speed of the wind on the day. They are not considered  as safe as a land-yacht and many injuries have been sustained by the users of these vehicles  . Despite the council bans there are quite a few clubs who have found places where they can conduct their sport without being in opposition to the law. They travel to many locations both intra and interstate to compete and just enjoy the sport. It is advised, that if you buy one of these vehicles that you join a club and get professional tuition from the pro's who have been doing it for some time.