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Post Box 321 Macclesfield South Australia  5153  (0417877466)

A.R.C.L.Y     invites those interested in building and racing model landyachts to team up and form an international and national competitive team. Or alternatively just form a social interest group. We are located in Macclesfield Sth Australia, but have venues in several places close to the City

Model land-yacht frames  can be  built from either aluminium , wood , moulded  fibreglass or carbon fibre. The sails may be from lightweight sailcloth or mylar. A simple 2 channel radio , 2 servos; usually  included with the radio are the main part of any outlay. They are great fun to build and experiment with. There are a few commercial builders that offer kits that are easy to assemble and conform to ORCLY ( Oceania Remote Control Land Yachts,  National body for Aust and NZ) standards. The yachts pictured above were moulded in Fibreglass. But could also be built from plywood by someone with average model building ability.

We are currently using Pink Lake at Meningie S.A., and a few other venues in Adelaide However these do  not have to be the only place to launch a land-yacht. These vehicles can be used in car parks, hard tennis/basketball courts or even on back roads. I am currently seeking out other places that are less reliant on the tide table and perhaps able to be offset to the full size land-yacht meets, so that I can spend as much time doing the real thing as playing with the remote control. Model land-yachts are an ideal way of learning how to utilise  wind power to your best advantage prior to investing in the true sport.

We have developed another model that will be used within the club, but currently have non ready to sell. We are waiting on mast material to be shipped from France to complete the PVC pipe model that we first made in 2005. At some stage I may get around to drawing some plans for sale so you can build your own. Most of us are too busy to build yacht kits now as we are heavily into competitions in a few other wind sports.

We have produced several A class yachts ( 2M) and some Marbelhead hulls that have taken up our time. Many of our members are also full size Land yacht pilots and the model side of it is more for relaxation during race stops.

If this hobby is of interest to you or you know someone that would like to join us, contact me on the email  below to discuss your needs and interest in forming the beginnings of a fantastic hobby and social gathering.

National Registration Body for RC land-yachts

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