Made with Xara Web Designer We are located at Macclesfield and service the Adelaide Hills regions  a Garden Bed Preparation,   Mulching   Shallow Ripping Backhoe  for larger diameter pipe laying, Sewer exposure, Fish Ponds etc. Chain Digger for trenching of irrigation pipes or electrical cables Blade for the preparation of driveways , Spoon Drains. or cutting Bucket ( split type) for sand, metal, bark, mulch applications Tank Pad preparation Forks for lifting Sleepers and other items Augers   200mm, 300mm. 450mm, 600mm and extension bar to 2M for post holes tree planting etc, Finger Rake for even distribution of gravel, sand, loam, dolomite etc PIPE AND CABLE LOCATION DEVICE KANGA DIGGING MACHINE WITH MULTI ATTACHMENTS AND ABLE TO NEGOTIATE MOST TIGHT ACCESS REGIONS