Release Clips:

Black Release Clip

The black line release clip is a little more up-market and holds onto the line via a loop or swivel. The setting is the same as the red line release clip but is not subject to line diameter changes. It is of a light-weight construction and very well suited to the fishing kites. The black release clip has a “set and forget” micro-adjusting screw that is simple to set prior to launching the kite. Its only purpose is to carry the baited line without releasing until required.
If it is set it too tight it will not release the line and if set too loose will only drop the bait too early and not at your required spot. The line is threaded through the centre of the body of the line clip which allows the line to move freely should you have any twists in the line. This will not have any effect on the release clip but we suggest a swivel should be used to stop the line clip from traveling back down the kite line and in turn the swivel will help remove any line twist generated. The best type of swivels to use are the ball bearing type with the coast_lock snap. These are a little more costly than the standard swivel, but you will never regret the outlay!


Red Release Clip

The red release clip is very simple in design and the lightest on the market. It is merely an adjustable clamp that holds your line between the fingers until enough force is applied to pull the line out, releasing the line without damage to your fishing line. The micro-adjustable fingers can be set and will not alter until you use a different diameter line. You will need to have this preset before launching the kite, keeping in mind that all it has to do is hold enough pressure so that the baited fishing line does not fall out during flight. If the clip is set too tight you might have difficulty in releasing the line and if it is set too loose it will fall out during flight. A simple guide line to follow would be to attach the fishing line between the fingers of the clip and gently pull the fishing line to feel the release pressure that has been set, quick and simple adjustment of the micro-screw may be needed. You can also use this with a running sinker attached to the kite line. Very economical to buy and no tackle box should be without several of this for a variety of fishing applications.