KITE LINE 500 meters:

 Kite line is sold in hanks of 500 meters with a diameter of 0.6mm which is more than enough to handle most reels. This is 3 ply micro-fibre line which is the same as the spectra line you would normally get, but it is not braided. This twisted 3 ply line has a lay straight quality which is perfect for those long runs of line. It has been ordered in specifically to meet the requirements for the fishing kites. This high quality 3 ply micro-fibre line has a unique tough feel and is very durable. The quality of the kite line will leave you confidant with the line size and weight, which allows you to concentrate on the more important and rewarding side of the fishing expedition. Due to the robust quality the 3 ply does not lend to cutting into itself. After surveying the current market we have selected the best quality line possible for the job. Please note that the line will not be sold without a kite purchase and is on offer for a limited time only at $29.99