May 2009 All New Altina GPS sold will now come with POLSTAR MAPS. These maps are bound to the SD card and cannot be copied You will need to keep the Unique number safe to be able to rewrite your maps should they become damaged. No Unique number, no rewrite! A new Licence will have to be bought.

Upgrades of Polstar maps will be $AU110.00 Still cheaper than TOMTOM or Garmin Maps We will from time to time offer free upgrades and Instructions to replace POI files (speed cameras, Red light cameras and other useful files)

We will be keeping all registrants  unique SD card numbers on file once their GPS has been registered. This should help in saving $$$ in buying new licences. However the incidence of damaged SD cards is almost non existant. This is a good reason to use a separate card for pictures and music, rather than writing to your Map SD Card. The registration form will be upgraded to collect this information and instructions will be provided on the form to acquire this UNIQUE #

May 2009 The following Models have been discontinued, A600 A601 5210 5220 A660. Parts are available only for  5220, A660, excepting  for batteries which will continue to be available for all models


MARCH 2009 Destinator Technologies have ceased operations The last Maps Destinator 8 ( 5220 A660 and A860 ( optional) are available on request

OCT 2008  New GPS Models released in Australia   the Dynamic A860 with camera for coordinate recording and The Map Making "Tracks Feature" see PRODUCTS PAGE



The newest version of Destinator 2007,q1.4744  for A600, A660 5210 and 5220 units  has ARRIVED!.   


You have a choice of receiving this major rewrite in the following formats after payment has been cleared.

1) Download ( username and password will be issued) to the site specific to your GPS model it will contain your licence number that is tied to you GPS serial that you registered with us. If this has been changed from exchange or swap then please advise us before proceeding with your download as the maps will not work otherwise. COST $AUD 85.00

2) Send us your new SD card ( 1Gb) and we will write the maps for you at no extra cost, providing you have enclosed a self Addressed and return postage paid envelope. Marbella will not be responsible for postal loss So perhaps even register it to ensure you get it.

COST $AUD 85.00 plus Paid returned REGISTERED postage ( no exceptions)

3) CD ROM containing the directories and files ready to drag to your SD card. The cost of the CD and postage will be more expensive than the other 2 options, due to media costs . time writing CD, and post and package costs.

COST: $AUD95.00 + Registered Post $7.50

If you wish to have your SD card written and also to have a CD backup ADD $AUD5.00

In the event you need to rewrite your SD card from the CD ,You will need an SD card reader (USB cables for early models will not work in transferring files)


Ensure you read the FAQ to check that your A600, A601, 5210, has the correct firmware version to read and run the newer maps. If the figures seen in FAQ are not the same as the ones on your unit contact us for a quote to update the firmware and supply the maps simultaneously. Your GPS unit will need posting to us to  implement this procedure as it takes 1.5 hrs to upgrade and check that it is functioning correctly. A  return paid postage bag ( preferably registered) will be required

We take no responsibility for units lost by the postal service.

Watch this site for costs of new be posted soon..



Support Assistance now in Australia

There is now support for Marbella in Australia via this web site.  replace your lost manual by downloading

an electronic version in PDF form. Your GPS unit can be registered on line so you can receive updates to Maps for Australia or obtain a map   so you can use your GPS overseas on your travels.

If you have problems with a new GPS that you have purchased your first priority is to contact your seller for replacement or a refund. Contacting Marbella Australia about problems with recently purchased units before contact with the seller will only be referred back to you and advising you to firstly contact the seller.

If you have done this and have not received any satisfaction then we will intervene and try and resolve the problem you are having. Please send us any communication you have had with the seller, so we can best determine how to deal with  this matter rather than being  part of your disagreement .

If you registered your unit with us we will have sent you some documents about caring for batteries , maps and the use of external antennas. Maps, Batteries Stylus and  SD cards are considered consumable items and not part of warranty with Marbella unless you have purchased the maps from us and they have been received in a damaged manner or the new battery has failed even though you have followed the care advice sheet .   . It is your responsibility to ensure you have backed up your SD card to a CD or your hard drive.


Model 5220

The 5220 is now superceded by A660  which will remain supported for some time 

Stronger internal arial

Better sound performance

Clearer graphics and colors

Smaller footprint and easire to carry when in pedestrian mode




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