Frequently Asked Questions



Q) Is Marbella Australia where I claim warranty for my GPS problem


A) Primarily your seller is responsible for dealing with  any warranty claims for defective units in the first 3 months after sale. From there on Marbella will  honor any genuine claims for faulty units. Be aware that Consumables are not under any warranty. Consumables are batteries and Maps and  SD cards. If an SD card develops a fault and fails to load. Marbella Australia will provide assistance to you to rewrite your software from the Original CD supplied with the GPS Unit. If you do not have a CD,  or the version you have on file is  not the recent version then a charge for the update will be levied.

If you purchased your  Unit from a seller on Ebay and they are no longer available or refuse to provide warranty please contact us for assistance to help you to resolve the problem.

Warranty claims are faults from manufacture . They are not faults or damage caused by misuse, abuse and and accidents. For instance if you drop and damage your GPS this is not claimable under warranty, this is an insurance matter.

Accidental damage to an SD card that causes maps to malfunction, this is not a warrantable matter. Rewrite the maps from the supplied CD or contact your supplier with proof of purchase.

Electrical spikes from Car power supplies are not covered by any warranty. The warnings and instructions for proper use are contained on this page. Damage caused by spikes will be a chargeable repair.

Broken screens, from being dropped, sat on or by other applications of pressure are not claimable on warranty. You may try and have the claim met on your household insurance.

Breaking the Charge Plug input from the mother board is not covered by warranty, this is accidental damage and is a claim to your insurance company for repairs. The unit requires a new motherboard to repair this and this is a costly exercise.

Buying a GPS from another seller and then finding it has a fault does not constitute a warranty claim, even if you were told that it is less than 12 months old, return it to the seller for a refund or repair.

If they refuse responsibility then we will assist you in having it repaired at a cost.


Q) Can I register my GPS so I can claim warranty and be advised of any updates?.

A) Yes There is a registration form on this site that you can send to us. We will enter you in our database and provide you with update information as well as providing support for your warranty claim.



Q) My GPS constantly drops out or takes a long time to find the satellite connection?.

A) Ensure your GPS is connected to the power source of your vehicle, also if you are using the model 5210 make sure the boom is not projecting too far into the car, so as not to get a clear signal through your windscreen. Bend the boom into an "S" shape so that the GPS is closer to the screen.

the main causes of drop out are:- 1) low battery power

                                                      2) Indirect contact with the sky area to pick up signal

                                                      3) Traveling through Tunnels

                                                      4) Overhead wires causing  electrical Interference

                                                      5) Battery power is too low, allow it to gain some degree of charge

                                                      6) Heavily tinted windscreens

If the problem persists you may need to purchase an external antennae to overcome the problem.

Q:) Why does my GPS report GPS antenna Not connected?

A:)  1- Have you rewritten your Map software using the CD supplied with the unit? If you have used someone else's CD or Software from a different model but the same version of maps you will need to contact us to resolve this problem.

      2- Alternatively if you have attempted to open the unit you may have dislodged the antenna connection from its anchor.  You may have to   send the unit to us for repair. Breached units are no longer covered under warranty.


                                                                  BATTERY RELATED PROBLEMS

 Q) How long should I leave my battery on Charge?

A) Only until the icon shows it is fully charged ( about 3-4  hrs generally) depending on how low it was to begin with. see further down for the risks of overcharging. Not observing this advice may void your warranty. However and initial charge from zero may take up to 10 hours to achive full charge.

Q) My battery seems to fail quickly after charging. Can I change my battery in the GPS Unit?

A) No,  it is inadvisable to attempt to open your unit. Contact us if you are having problems and we will guide you on the protocol for returning the unit for our  attention. If you are overseas ( not in Australia)  then make contact for details of where to send the unit for battery change.

Q) My display has gone blank and i only have a charge light blinking what is the problem?

A) The unit has a burned out  IC41 chip due to overcharging the unit. Never leave the unit on charge for longer than it takes to replenish the battery. 3 hours should be enough to return the battery to full power unless it was totally flat when placed on charge. Your unit will now requires major repairs. Contact us for details


                                                                            MANUALS AND DRIVERS


Q) I have lost my instructions can I get a new manual of operation?

A)   Manuals are on the CD that came with your unit  If you have not got a CD , then proceed to the download page of this site and select your model and get the pdf version suited to your model.

Q. I have lost my driver files for the USB connection are they available on the Internet?

A)  Please disregard any instructions for connecting  a  USB  cable to the unit for file transfer. You should only use a card reader to transfer files.

Multiple changes to operating systems have rendered USB driver supply horrendous to supply for different systems,  that it has been discontinued on all new models. Only the older A600 and 5210 models were supplied with USB cables.


                                                                                  HARDWARE RELATED

Q) I have just purchased a new Marbella unit, I can't seem to get a display, even though I have had it on charge for some hours. I press the buttons but it does not start.

A) Check the rear of the unit and ensure the switch on the rear of the case  is set to ON (5210) The  5220 also has a switch on the rear in one of the grooves of the case. This switch is quite hard to see and is tiny. Once this switch is on your unit should start. Note:... when not in use turn the unit OFF using the switch at the rear, otherwise the front face switch merely puts the unit in "standby" and depletes the battery. Note you will lose TIME, DATE, and HOME LOCATION by doing this but it is a small sacrifice compared to  constantly having to charge the battery.

Batteries last about 2 years, but ideally should be changed annually if they are being charged often. You can detect a failing battery by the length of time it takes to make a satellite connection. The longer it takes to get connection the lower the battery power is. Therfore get the battery changed before it does damage to the internal circuit board. A battery change is cheaper  than replacing the GPS 


                                                                              SD CARD MANAGEMENT

 Q) How do I transfer MP3 Files or Videos to my Marbella GPS unit     


A) You have to have a card reader attached by USB cable to your PC . Insert  a new SD card  into the card reader. Make a folder called Music or Video. From your PC select the MP3's or Video Clips you want to have on the card and drag them to the Folders you created. When complete remove  the map software card then insert the new card from the reader into your GPS unit. Turn the unit on and select Media to have access to your entertainment files. You cannot play Music at the same time as you are using Navigator. We also suggest that you use a separate card for your music and pictures to avoid write errors corrupting your map software. We are not obliged to replace maps where it is clear music and pictures have been written to the map  software card

Q) When i turn on my GPS it wants me to reinitialize the screen using the + signs. When it completes I am instructed to select the ESC key if I want to retain the previous settings. I don't seem to have an Esc. Key?                                       

A) There is no actual ESC key this was a translation problem. If you tap the screen after completing the screen re-initialization process the unit will proceed to the Menu.

Q:) When I initialise my GPS the + goes around thhe screen and the unit does not progress.

A:) Try doing this more slowly and ensuring that you are using the stylus and selecting the centre of the cross correctly.


                              FIRMWARE RELATED

Q) I have a Model 5210 that is about 2 years old do I need to update the firmware to be able to use the latest map versions?

A) Yes Contact Marbella Australia for details of sending your unit for upgrading, the process is usually combined with the purchase of new maps from us, Your unit should be sent via registered post with a return postage paid padded bag to Marbella Australia C/O P.O.Box 321 Macclesfield SA.. The process takes about 4 working days to return to point of origin.

 Q) How can I check to see if my unit does need a firmware upgrade?

A) After you calibrate the 5210, select the “Setup” then “System” and check “Firmware : 0.45/0.45/CV02” and “Serial No : 6005210” If this is what you see then you do not need to upgrade your firmware at this point in time.

                                                                                                                                  MAP RELATED

Q) How do I acquire updates to maps for my GPS?

A) First register your unit via the Registration Form, ensure you include the version of maps currently installed. You do this by first selecting Navigator to load the map. Then, select MORE...SETTINGS...ABOUT at the top of the page the version number for Destinator is displayed V6.? .? .????  Write this number into the field for version. When making an enquiry about upgrades quote this version number you have installed.

Q) My map files wont load I think they are damaged, how can I get them replaced/

A) If you are already registered on our database we can make the file available to you for download or alternatively you can send us an SD card and we will rewrite your maps for you. Just send the card in a reply paid ( and with your return  address) envelope to Marbella  Australia Box 321 Macclesfield South Australia 5153

Q) I have just purchased the new 5220 can I use the maps that I had for my 5210

A) You may have to alter the port command in Destinator.ini to port 3 instead of port 2. However your maps may be out of date and not run on the 5220 due to anti piracy protections.

Q) I transferred my maps to a new card but Marbella wont read them what have I done wrong?


A) Probably not set the directories up correctly ! Also,  if you have purchased an MMC card rather than a recognized  SD card chances are the cheaper cards won't be read by the unit. Purchase a well known reliable  brand ( Altina, Marbella, Kodak etc) and try again. If this still does not solve the problem contact us for additional assistance. Alternatively check that you have placed the files correctly on the card


Q) I recently bought a new set of maps for my 5210. When I insert the SD card and try to run the maps it asks for a serial number to be inserted and then won't run What is wrong here?

A) The Maps you purchased were not designed to run in the version of firmware currently installed on your unit. You need to contact the seller and arrange for your unit to be upgraded. This may mean sending your unit back to the factory in Taiwan. The seller will arrange for this to be done and levy a charge accordingly. If you send it to use here (Australian Buyers only) we will upgrade your unit for a modest fee also.

Also some files contained within the software have detected that the software is not licenced to that unit.

 Marbella Australia will be announcing ahead of time when new maps are due and what to do to find out whether your unit will in fact need any changes made for  it to use the latest maps. Bookmark this site and register your unit to receive this information before buying any new maps that may not work.

Q) My maps start to load and then stop what is wrong here?

A) The map may have become corrupted and you will need to replace the map file. You will firstly need to reformat the SD card. It always pays to copy the cards to a folder in your PC or even burn them onto a CD if one did not come with your unit ( some resellers just supply the maps on an SD card and do not supply a CD)



Q) I have just purchased the new 5220 can I use the maps that I had for my 5210

A) You may have to alter the port command in Destinator.ini to port 3 instead of port 2


Q) My friends Marbella handles "roundabouts"  differently to mine. Mine only says turn left, whereas his GPS gives different instructions like " at the roundabout take the first exit.."  How do i get mine to do that?


A) Your version of Maps is different to the one of your friends. You may need to upgrade to the latest map version which is currently 2007.Q1.5244   Also some roundabouts may be newer than when your maps were released.


Q)  Can I use my friends copy of Destinator on my GPS?

A) You do so at your own risk, Destinator is licenced,  protected software. Using pirate copies is illegal and may be damaging to your own GPS. All Marbella Units have the unit serial number encoded into the software Your unit will cease to function after a few  reboots. If this occurs you will have to send the GPS back to us for unlock. The fee for this is $100.00 plus the cost of new maps.

Q:) Why is it that some GPS vendors are advertising Destinator 7 and yet Marbella still has ver 6.0.1?

A:) Differences in hardware means Destinator software has to be specifically written for each device. Because of this the latest version for one device might be v.6 and another might be v.7. Software directly from Destinator will not work on your Marbella as it has to be  converted to the specific GPS .