(as of 01 March 2000)

There will be two basic types of classes, the DEVELOPMENT CLASS and the ONE DESIGN CLASS and both types of classes will pertain to both land-yachts and iceboats ( Europe and NZ).




The Development Class is intended to encourage new designs and experimentation. There will be four subclasses restricted only by box rules, meaning that the fully assembled yacht must fit into a box with inside dimensions conforming to the class descriptions. There will be no other restriction on sail area, wheel,runners, etc.

Class Max. Length Max. Height Max.Beam

CLASS 1: 0.75M (29.53”) 1.00M (39.37”) 0.50M (19.69”)

CLASS 2: 1.00M (39.37”) 1.50M (59.06”) 0.75M (29.53”)

CLASS 3: 1.50M (59.06”) 2.00M (78.74”) 1.00M (39.37”)

UNLIMITED CLASS: Allows any or all dimensions to exceed it’s maximum(s) in CLASS 3.



The One Design classes tend to minimize differences in yacht design so as to make performance dependent on the skipper rather than variances in the yachts. A One Design Class will not be sanctioned until 20 or more yachts of identical design are properly registered. A class may be de-sanctioned when the number of registered yachts dips below 20.

Registration will be administered by a Class Secretary. Most One Design classes will consist of “As Manufactured” models but Class clubs may build non-commercial fleets of identical design which may be owner-built. Class secretaries will be provided by the manufacturer or elected by the class club.



Yachts in the One Design classes or the Unlimited class, need not comply with Class 1, 2 or 3 to compete with others in the same One Design or Unlimited classes but they must, to race in Class 1, 2 or 3 open competition.



Dennis Bullard

President ORCLY