Want to get your line out beyond the breakers but the distance is too far or the water is so rough that your line ends up on the beach within a minute of casting? Well here's  the way it can be done with relative ease and only a small outlay for the rewards it returns.

Buy one of our kite kits that will give you the ability to keep your feet dry and allow you to fish where others can  only dream to go. You will be amazed at how easy it is to set up your line and have it delivered to the exact spot you want it to be dropped. In the kit are 3 kites that are designed to deal with varied wind conditions and the delivery device ( black release clip) that holds the line whilst it is being transported beyond the normal casting distance and beyond. If your line is long enough you could let it out to 600M before letting the line be released. It is so simple, anyone who can fly a kite can now fish beyond the breakers or over the reef.

We have been using kites to fish for 12 years, but these new kites are far superior in their stability and ability to handle varied wind conditions than any we have used before. They are fluorescent, so they can be seen from a long way off and when we use them they attract a lot of interest. People are amazed how easy it is to use them and to be able to cast out amongst the elusive "Big Ones" with absolute ease.

Watch the graphic below to see how the system works. We use two rods one for the kite one for fishing, however, you may just want to use a reel on a beach stake rather than having 2 rods, this in no way impairs the functionality of the system to deliver your line to the spot.



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